Incinerator Trooper Helmet


Incinerator Trooper Helmet. The Mandalorian

wearable size, hand painted trooper helmet.

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Unique piece Hand custom Painted Incinerator Trooper wearable Helmet. The Mandalorian
Version. Real size, you can wear it.
Is an exhibition piece by wearable size
This work is based on a Don Post Helmet
If have any questions contact us

Incinerator Stormtroopers, often referred to as Incinerator Troopers, were cloned-pyromaniac soldiers that specialized in the use of flamethrowers. They were often used to burn out entrenched enemy positions, or commit acts of genocide under their commanders.


  • Casco pintado a mano
  • Trooper Incinerator. The Mandalorian
  • Tamaño real te lo puedes poner
  • Este casco Darth Vader es una pieza de exposición, no es un juguete.
  • DBA Custom ha realizado esta pieza, pintado a mano
  • Este trabajo esta basado en un casco de Don Post
  • La armadura de los Stormtroopers incineradores resistía temperaturas muy elevadas y llevaba marcas rojas que indicaban la especialidad de estos soldados.


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